The Egyptians were one of the first people to have practicing physicians.

The oldest known physician is Imhotep. He lived around 2725 b.c. He was also known as a high officer, a pyramid builder, and an astrologer.

A popular belief is that the Ancient Egyptians new very little about anatomy. This proves to be false, because in the Ebers papyrus the ancient Egyptians say that a depressed skull fracture looked like a puncture in a pottery jar.

Doctors in Ancient Egypt usually went through years of hard training at temple schools. Usually in the arts of interrogation, inspection, and palpation.

Egyptian doctors new lots about the human body for their time. They studied the structure of the brain, and knew that the pulse was related to the heart. They could also cure many illnesses and set broken bones.

Some Common Plants Used in Medicine by the Egyptians were: